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Noora Health COVID-19

Material Usage and Sharing Guidelines



At Noora Health, our primary goal is to get accurate information to as many at-risk communities as quickly as possible. We have believed all along that it takes a family to improve health outcomes and save lives. This crisis puts that belief front and center. 


Our materials cover key behaviors that can flatten the COVID-19 curve and are in line with the recommendations of the World Health Organization, the CDC, and the ministries of health in India and Bangladesh. All resources are free to use and online to make it easy for others to access:


If you would like to learn more about our materials or discuss how we can work together to best share our materials with your communities, please email us at


What Noora Health content can you use and how?


For Public/ Organizations

  • All content hosted in our public repository is available for download and is free to use. You can republish in full any Noora Health materials in the public repository by downloading, copying or embedding files, and including them in your content, as long as you provide attribution to Noora Health as the source for the materials. Please do not alter the materials in any way without written consent from our team at


  • Please feel free to share and use Noora Health content widely with your communities, beneficiaries, patient populations and fellow organizations working to combat COVID-19. Please direct interested parties to this public repository and ask that they fill in our form if they plan on using our materials. If you are approached by a government entity about our content, please direct them to us at



  • We have made our content downloadable for free in an endeavour to support as many organizations and communities as we can in their fight against COVID-19. Therefore, we ask that you not attempt to monetize these materials in any way. Please join us in our mission by using the content for free, and keeping it free when passing it along to others. 

  • You may not use or include Noora Health content as part of any submissions for publications (news, scientific journals, online posts/blogs) without prior permission from us. Please reach out to if you plan on doing so! 


For Government Entities


If you are a government official or represent a government agency that wishes to use our materials, please get in touch with us directly at We are happy to collaborate, refine,  and co-brand our materials in order to serve your communities.

For Prospective Partners


If you are an organization that would like to use our materials in your COVID-19 response, please get in touch with us directly at We are happy to collaborate and co-brand our materials in order to serve your communities. We can also offer guidance and expertise with the adaptation, integration and dissemination of this content through your preferred channels.

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